Estate Planning Services

Will and Estate Planning Made Simple

 We’re ready to help you secure your will and estate planning easily, without the headaches.

We’ll also assist you:

  • Identify the potential for will challenges.
  • Cover current issues like superannuation changes and policies.
  • Gather all the information you need in hand, then you decide which solution is right for you.
  • Help you finalise and secure your will and estate

Estate Planning Solutions provides assistance to:

Mums and Dads Those self employed
Small & medium business operators Financial service professionals
Pensioners Planners and banks
Accounting firms Mortgage brokers


We’re ready to help you secure the wealth and assets of you and your family

How it works

We’ll begin by arranging a one-on-one “fact finding” consultation with you, which is straight forward and comprehensive.

This will allow you to self assess your current circumstances regarding your will and estate planning. After our discussion together, you’ll have confirmation on the next step including whether you’ll require any further specialist advice in order to finalise and secure your will and estate.

We’ll guide you all the way

If the need for additional legal advice or council is required to finalise your will and estate planning, we’ll introduce you to the services of law firms we trust who have a proven track record as competent specialists in the area of Wills and Estate planning.

You can talk to Tony and the team today to secure the future of your will and estate.