Speaking Events

Will and Estate Planning is a personal topic that affects millions of Australians

tony-de-kort-estate-planning-solutionsA part of spreading the message of will and estate protection, is presenting live events and workshops to help people discover that this area of our financial lives can easily be keep up to date and protected with the right person showing you how.

Below you’ll find information about booking me to speak at your event, or if you would like to attend one of our Estate Planning Solutions workshops in a city near you.

Thanks for stopping by and your consideration.

What you can expect

  • A professionally prepared and delivered presentation infused with energy and passion, focused on delivering the message so it’s very accessible for everyone.
  • An event resource page, just for attendees of the event. This is a website link to all the presentation slides, links, references and resources I refer to or mention that will benefit attendees. It’s important the attendees have what they need to take action.
  • You’ll receive a quick follow-up email after the event, to make sure you were happy with the presentation and have access to the materials.

To check my availability for your event or if you have any questions, 

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