The Story of Peter, Anita and Michael

Anita and Peter, her recently deceased husband’s business partner, catch each others eye as her husband Michaels coffin is being lowered. She is thinking, how am I going to make ends meet now that Michael is gone and the business is up in the air?

Anita knows Peter is great at paperwork and admin, but never been good with people or marketing skills, which is why they were such a good team. What’s my share worth now that the main man, and face of the business is being buried in front of my kids.?

I need to get what’s rightfully ours out the business , but how? . They were going to put something in place but always were too busy. But who is going to buy it and at what price? Will Peter pay me out, how do you work it out? Am I going to have to become his business partner? I know nothing about it really except it provided a good living and we were getting ahead. Do I get someone else? That’ll cost money. How long will it take? What about the kids schooling, the mortgage and the car loan? Things were tough enough with Michael working 12 hour days., and never seeing the kids, building our dream.

Now that Mike is gone, who do I trust, what do I do? Do I need a solicitor, how does this it all work? And all on top of having to cope with his death and now being a single mother..

Peter thinks, now that Mike is gone, I can probably pinch this business off Anita for next to nothing. After all, she knows he was the marketing genius. I’ll just explain without him there the business won’t be the same and the income is going to vanish quickly.

Once she is out of the way , I’ll get a couple of young guns who can continue to market the business and she’ll have no real idea

He was a good bloke, but I still have to look after me and the family. Can’t afford to be paying her a heap just because he’s gone. I suppose we really should have formalised something but never seemed to get around to it. We had talked about it and were only in our forties and didn’t expect anything like this to happen.

This scenario has happened and is still happening all too often. If this problem is potentially looming, for you, then stop being like a jellyfish that goes in and out with the tide. Take positive action and protect your interests. It’ll be too late once you receive the funeral invoice.

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