Think Pro-actively and Get Prepared

“Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill” – Christopher Parker

Outcomes that arise out of not planning our will and estate affairs properly happen as a result of what we have created. The deep dimensions of our individual worlds demand some “preparation thinking”.

So what do we have a great knowledge about – our world – our life, our problems, our cash flow, our pressures, the complex depth of family and their individual personalities within the family structure.

What we are constantly learning is how to manage and control not only the internal, but all the variables outside the front door. Working to fend off the potential nasties and negatives that are out there. Why? – To protect the family fabric and the ones we toil so hard for- after all, without family – what is there?

So let’s look at a few very basic essentials in preparing our will and estate planning.

Let’s look at “the stuff” you need to focus on, to at least have the “core” of your will and estate planning in some sort of shape – and let the specialist’s document it – that’s what they are qualified to do.

Scenario 1 – You have a wife or husband

Preparation thinking – You die (which you will – you just don’t know when)

Do I want the assets I have built to end up in the hands of the next person my spouse sleeps with, or ends up with once my ashes are blown away in the wind and I am long gone?

If the answer is no – make it happen and do something today to make sure it doesn’t happen

If the answer is yes or, I don’t care – do nothing

Scenario 2 – I am involved in a business

Preparation thinking – You die

Do I want my interest in the business to go to my spouse or family without fuss?

If the answer is yes – then get active!!

If the answer is no or I don’t care – do nothing –just let the family know this is what you have decided

Scenario 3 – Do I have children under 18?

Preparation thinking – I die or we both die

Do I/we have child/children with special needs, and has this been prepared for?

Who will house the kids, and do they have the room or will they have to extend their home or move?

Do they have the funds to do this or raise them?

Can they handle money?

Do I/we have any special wishes for them? (E.g. private schooling, university, pizza and DVD’s on Friday nights like they did with us)

Who will look after them if those appointed become unfit? (Death, marriage break up, ill health)

If you have questions or would like to contact me to update your estate planning or will, you can contact me here.